Five Tools for Biblical Meditation in 2021

Lately I have been convicted on the need to slow down and think about, meditate on the Word of God. So I went back and reviewed a few of the books that have impacted my spiritual walk in regards to meditating on the Bible. Here are my top 5 books.

1. God’s Battle Plan for the Mind: The Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation by David Saxton

Saxton gives us a great exploration on the Puritan practice of Meditation, in it he not only gives reasons why, but also suggest ways to go about it. If you want your affections stirred up, this is a good read for you.

2. Praying the Bible by Donald Whitney

You can’t go wrong with Dr. Whitney as an accomplished professor and pastor I have gained a greater appreciation to his pastoral heart in helping God’s people grow in faith. One way is teaching people how to pray. This book is sure to get you praying more deeply.

3. Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund

While not a guide on meditation, this book reflects on the heart of Christ. You cannot go wrong thinking deeply about how God reveals His heart through Jesus Christ.

4. Private Prayer by Thomas Brooks

This Puritan encourages private prayer, “The power of religion and godliness lives, thrives, or dies, as closet prayer lives, thrives, or dies.” With the typical Puritan style Brooks exposits Matt 6:6 for our benefit.

5. Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy: Discovering the Grace of Lament by Mark Vroegop

Because we survived 2020 and there was a lot of loss for many people, I think it is necessary to encourage you to read how to lament by using the Psalms. Christians have a rich heritage in sorrow and suffering. We have so much to offer people who are grieving. This book will teach you how to cry your sorrows to God.

Did I miss anything?

Add your suggestions in the comments! Maybe I can read them this year and have more suggestions for next year. If you buy these books from the link, I will get a little extra added to my Amazon account to buy more books!

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