4 Digital Tools for Spiritual Change

I love Bibles, I like quality paper and perfect font settings. I like them wrapped in leather, I like the smell of an old Bible. I am in no way saying toss out your Bible and use digital Bibles. Both my hardcopy Bibles and my digital Bibles see much use. I have found technology to provide very useful tools to increase my time in Scripture no matter the medium. So here are a few tools I used last year. 


Last year I used an app called Prayermate. This app allows you to subscribe to feeds like Open Doors others to focus your prayer for the world. You can also set up “cards” with each family member, co-worker ect. It also has reminders to alert you to pray throughout the day. Needless to say this can encourage better prayer. 

One aspect I use is Donald Whitney’s praying the Bible, each day you are given five Psalms to choose from and to pray. 

Bible reading

I use Logos Bible software for study, teaching and school. However, for just reading Scripture the You version Bible app is the most enjoyable. It has many plans you can read from and enjoy. You can read as a group or individual. You can modify the view to suit your comfort (large font for aging guys like me). 

Bible memorization

There are so many great memorization apps out there. 

I use Verses Bible Memory App

It is packed full of features and Bible versions. It offers a notification setting to remind you to practice. It has games to help you to memorize, it has a word bank where you can drag a word to a specific line in the verse, or a type out section and even offers a listen option. By engaging more of your senses to help you memorize. 


If you have never shared the Gospel with someone, this year is the time to do it. While the best methods are the most natural methods it can help to have a tool to help you. The North American Mission Board has produced an app called Life Conversation Guide

This app can guide you through God’s Design, Our Brokenness and the Gospel. This year make it a goal to share the Gospel, once, twice, once a month, make a goal and make a plan to do it. 

Whatever you do this year I would encourage you to get in God’s Word.

Published by Matthew.Statler

I joyfully pastor Sierra Vista Baptist Church in Arizona. I'm certified in Biblical Counseling from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). I graduated from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with an MDIV with a concentration in Biblical Counseling. I also am an Iraq war veteran. Matthew Statler SFC, US Army(Ret)

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