On Fear: Gaining Victory Over Sinful Fear

Fear is a weapon. It is being used to motivate and manipulate people. In the age we live in with mass media and all types of fast means of conveying information, fear seems to be most effective in getting groups of people to do what another group wants. Over the last few years in the United States, fear has become a major subject of discussion. Fear of covid, fear of lockdowns, fear of vaccinations, fear of not getting vaccinated, fear of civil unrest and the list continues.

My desire in writing this booklet is to provide a useful tool that you can use to gain victory over sinful fear in your life. As someone who has had to fight sinful fear in my life I am a fellow pilgrim walking through this with you. My hope is that you will become immune to the fear mongering tactics of others and have true peace. What better book of the Bible to study than Deuteronomy written by a man who experienced sinful fear, Moses.

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Published by Matthew.Statler

I joyfully pastor Sierra Vista Baptist Church in Arizona. I'm certified in Biblical Counseling from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). I graduated from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with an MDIV with a concentration in Biblical Counseling. I also am an Iraq war veteran. Matthew Statler SFC, US Army(Ret)