Sierra Vista Biblical Counseling and Training Center

Who We Are

Sierra Vista Biblical Counseling and Training Center (SVBCTC) is a ministry of Sierra Vista Baptist Church. We are certified through The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors as a Training Center. We seek to care for God’s people by offering biblical counseling and training in biblical counseling. We believe that God’s Word is sufficient for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). No matter what you are struggling with we believe God’s Word offers help and hope.

We provide basic training courses, counseling, and mentoring to prepare church leaders and members to accurately and effectively apply God’s Word through counseling in the context of the local church.

“Our family received biblical counseling from Matt and we were blessed with hope and encouragment. Matt has a desire to help others love the Lord and their neighbors. Matt’s counsel is scripture-based with excellent illustrations to aid in understanding. We found Matt to be humble, in regular prayer for us, and always encouraging us toward scripture. We are so grateful for Matt’s time, effort, listening and care. He has been gifted by God to teach God’s word to others. “

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About Us

Our Aim

This world is full of sin, suffering, and confusion. We all know people in need of help and hope, yet many Christians do not feel equipped to offer biblical counsel. It’s true that counseling can be daunting, but God’s Word has answers. We want to bring you the answers from God’s Word and equip you to bring those same answers to others. We want to promote Christ-Centered personal change through the ministry of God’s Holy Word.

How You Can Get Involved

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Sign up for one of our training courses, or talk to one of our counselors about how to get training.

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If you are struggling we want to help. Contact us for more information.


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